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Choose two of the following and write a summary (+your opinion):


“Believe you can and you are half way there” – Theodore Roosevelt

Można poprzestać na lekcjach w szkole, można uczyć się tylko tego, co w podręczniku, ale to za mało. Jeśli chcemy robić postępy szybciej i wiedzieć więcej warto sięgnąć i do innych źródeł:

Rodziny słów do setek tematów:

Kolokacje, czyli związki wyrazowe. Po prostu wpisz słowo i obserwuj jak “zachowuje się” w języku. Oto przykłady dla słowa “cat” :) :

Chyba najlepszy na świecie, a na pewno jeden z najlepszych słowników, słowników wyrazów bliskoznacznych, tłumaczy: Oferuje również możliwość gry w scrabble!:)

Czytanie czytaniem, gramatyka gramatyką. A co z wymową? Pomocy szukajcie np. tutaj: Oprócz wymowy można od razu sprawdzić tłumaczenie.

Nie jesteś pewny, czy na pewno “o to znaczenie chodzi”? Czy na pewno tego właśnie słowa potrzebujesz? Na tych stronach znajdziesz setki przykładów, które rozwieją wątpliwości:

Tutaj połączycie wszystkie umiejętności. Wielki zbiór lekcji i video na przeróżne tematy:

Leonardo di Caprio on Global Warming

Leo has recently been accused of being hypocritical as far as environmental issues are concerned, but the truth is “Before the Flood” speaks volume anyway. It’s made by the giants of the cinema and “received mostly positive reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 70% approval rating, based on 27 reviews. On Metacritic, it has a score of 63 out of 100, based on 10 critics, indicating “Generally favorable reviews”.Before the Flood was described as “surprisingly moving”, “a heartfelt, decent, educational documentary about the most important issue of our time.” (wiki)

before-the-flood-poster(photo credit: wikipedia, promotional poster)

Watch and discuss – do you agree with Leonardo’s mild pessimism or would you rather support one of the commentators that posted his views on di Caprio’s channel:

I used to be an environmentalist and I passionately pursued a degree in Civil Engineering with a focus on Environmental Resources because I wanted to clean up the environment. I used to try and tell everyone I knew about climate change back in the late 1990’s when we actually could have done something to stop it, but no one cared. And worse than that, the people who DID care were brainwashed into thinking that recycling and using different light bulbs actually had any real effect (which they don’t). The thought they were doing “their little part” made them feel good enough about themselves to not take any real actions that would matter (like stop driving a car). About 8 years ago I stopped trying to convince others to care about climate change when I finally realized that people aren’t ever going to be willing (or perhaps even able) to make changes that take away things they need or want in life. I realized that I didn’t want to give up things either. I didn’t want to give up my car, stop flying in airplanes to visit relatives, stop using so much electricity, etc. I also realized I didn’t have the money to live my beliefs. I don’t have the money to buy an electric car or cover my roof with solar panels (that is if I owned my own home, because I actually rent an apartment). The truth is that it is too late to stop climate change and the areas of the world that are the worst polluters are also the least willing/able to stop. Rather than trying to stop climate change I think it would be more useful to prepare for it’s effects. There should be relocation plans or perhaps projects to build dikes like they have in Holland to hold back the sea. Also, nobody ever talks about the risk of global warming triggering a mini ice age, which is very likely if the thermohaline current (ocean conveyor belt) stops moving warm water from the tropics up to the arctic. We should help people prepare to be more resilient rather than trying to stop something that has already left the gate.” (Nicole Marie)


Past Simple

Uwaga, grupa Pre-Inter! Oto garść przydatnych linków do poćwiczenia czasu Past Simple:

Na tej stronie znajdziecie proste historyjki, z których każda kładzie akcent na różne czasy, oczywiście na czasy przeszłe też:



Britons vote “leave” – a truly historical day

Just a few weeks ago when you were writing you summaries of the article on Brexit, most of you were not only against it but also hoped for the UK to stay. Well, they won’t. My English friend has just written a message: “Very strange and scary day in London!! Short term damaging, long term who knows? Guess we’ve all got to be positive! :)” Indeed, long term effects are difficult to predict now, the chain of events has only started… somehow it’s difficult for me to be as positive as my friend is. We’re witnessing history happening, that’s for sure. On possible course of actions you can read here:
Vote Leave supporters celebrate